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Going by my astrological sign, I should pursue a career as a brain surgeon, apparently.
Well, you don't have to believe it to enjoy it ;)

Nine years after.
I felt like I was watching a post-epilogue chapter. A chapter usually left out unknown, unpublished. Maybe because part of us don't really want a reminding that time doesn't freeze at the happiest moment of our lives, that we won't live in our twenties or thirties forever. There would come times when things get dull, or very messy and not really sweet, and when the script of our lives isn't really a blockbuster-material script anymore. The part we tend to skip while daydreaming about the future.
It isn't diamonds and roses but maybe it's as close to real life as it could be. It's sometimes just a huge mess and a huge crap. The part of life we're not really keen to know, but it happens. We just aren't fond  of thinking about it.
This movie, the (maybe) last of the trio of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. It leaves a lot in mind to think about. The most intriguing out of the trilogy, in my opinion.

I'll post better pictures as soon as I got one. For the time being this will do, I guess.
Truly happy for my brother, truly happy for my family to add to our circle a very lovely lady as the one who will be my brother's companion from now on, insha Allah. Wish you the happiest of life as a couple and as a family of your own, have a great journey :)

It took me until the last glance, the last peek to the dimly-lit scene of the office after I closed the door and about to go, to fully realize that this is the farewell, and for a good while I won't be returning here anymore, the place I used to go to for the last three months.

Brief, I know, great nevertheless.

Perhaps it has something to do with the midyear, the so-called summertime. When people are more spontaneous, smile wider and laugh a bit louder. Call me lucky to get to know these people in such a pleasant time of the year.

Many moments shared, lessons taken. I don't speak flowery words but I hope my feeling come across quite well. It was great, it's been such an honor and I take many, many things from here. That little moment of taking the last glance, I feel many things but mainly deep thankfulness, I feel grateful knowing you.

I'm convinced that somehow someday we'll cross paths again, one way or another, so it's au revoir, I guess? Merci beaucoup pour l'aventure. C'est un moment précieux pour moi. (Mind the grammar. I tried.)

Spot the three interns!

See you when I see you, guys.

An interesting article that was shared by my friend on facebook. Speaks the ugly truth about Jakarta's malls, whose many problems eventually boil down to one thing: there are simply too many of them.

During my internship period, I used to pass 5 malls on my way from home at Casablanca to work at Sudirman every morning. The distance's not even that great and there are 5 malls; granted that the area is probably one of the most mall-packed area in the city, but still. I've been itching for a place just like Gasibu or Saparua, but other than GBK I can't really think of an open public space like that. And it's not like Bandung is a godsent heaven of public places.

Jakarta has had enough malls, too many in fact. I don't think the city people need more of those monstrous places that looks so alike each other. We're not spoilt with choices - the numbers of the malls give of impression that there are a good variety of choices on spending time in Jakarta but really we don't, it's all the same.

As someone who truly hates spending time in malls, I find this as one of the most unappealing thing about living in Jakarta. Hope for a change, anyone?