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Lagi. Mimpi bulan pecah. Lukisan biru pekat milik sahabat. Gerakan lambat. Langit gelap. Asap biru, hijau samudra, abu-abu di udara. Cuma warna itu yang terlihat. Pikiran kosong sepertinya otak berhenti bekerja dan detak jantung melambat, ada perasaan bahagia yang aneh menjalar di sekujur badan. Tidak ada hangat atau rasa ingin menahan senyum tapi susah, tapi bahagia.
Langit berasap, lukisan biru gelap, gerakan lambat.

Some poetry reading at midnight hour. Entertaining the melancholy the finest way possible.

God bless them poets.

Setengah sebelas malam,

Bulan setengah lingkaran.
Kamu siapa?

Waktu terbatas jadi sepertinya pertanyaan ini akan tetap tidak terjawab dan sekalipun bulan benderang penuh satu lingkaran, tetap ada satu sisi yang tersembunyikan.

Dan yang tidak terselesaikan atau mungkin tidak pernah terpikirkan biarkan saja tetap begitu sampai kita pulang, pulang dan bulan mati, langit gelap.


Some things are so hardly earned it needs thousand times of failures for you to have it within your reach.
When you've failed the first time you decide whether or not you want it badly enough to try again for the second time.
And so the same for the second time trying, and the many times that would follow.

Sometimes you eventually succeed, some other times you'd fail for the thousandth time and start to think that maybe it just isn't meant to be.

It's hard but there are some moments when it's best to accept that when something is not meant to happen, it won't happen.
The hardest part is letting go, indeed?


There are two things that I love so much: the sea and the sky. Both are broad, borderless, and very calming.
Tonight it's the sky pampering me with its finest form.
Plenty of stars and pleasantly clear, beautiful sky. Prompted me to pay a visit to my rooftop after a very long while, lying under those sparkling stars. Such a good feeling to be under the sky. Dark and bright at the same time. Slowing down the time and the pace, freezing and idling the thoughts, just looking at the sky. Couldn't get any better than that. What a treat from this lovely, lovely city.


How could I forget you?
You did a very good job in reminding me of what you were to me, and apparently, what you still are.
Dear July.