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I am not really the type who celebrates birthdays but I really like how much pondering the day makes. Today I spent my afternoon alone, thinking about many things. Being comfortable in my own company. That's the way I like my day goes. Now that I think about it, I like February Eighteens afterall.

These are the things that passed unnoticed before the eruption - endured by himself within:
sadness overflowing,
bitterness he had to swallow and choke on, suffocating,
jealousy rendering all viewed through his eyes green,
a love unable to grow further than secretly admiring,
frustration building,
and anger slowly arising,
heating, boiling,

 "I think we live in a really interesting time where we feel like we have to make people look to the standard that's not attainable to anybody"

Whoa, I feel like I am soooo many years late in posting my previous post!
Lagi lihat-lihat tumblr teman-teman dan baca post ini ( dari temen SMAku. It covered the same issue, and I think she worded it way, way better than I did haha. Versi yang lebih lugas (because I am never, never good at being straightforward) mengenai opini tentang social media. Pay a visit to the post my dear friends!
TS Eliot once spoke of television as "a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome".

A very good article, and sums up everything I feel about Facebook (and other social networking sites for that matter).
I stay connected through Facebook, Twitter, and Path because I need the ease to connect with friends, obtain informations, and stay updated to latest news and trends. If not for those, I think I'd rather stay away from them. Lurking on social networking sites is like watching a parade of human vanity; at worst one consciously boasts about the greats that are happening in one's life, at best one just selectively shares moments of one's life and pick those that portray it as decent, happy and successful enough, because it's not good to share unhappy moments right?
But then it's precisely because of this that I think social networking sites are affecting us in a bad way; it creates envy, it makes us constantly jealous of other people's life and inevitably compare them to our own. It makes us become increasingly unsatisfied with our own life, but that's just because we don't know the things that people do not share; they're painting a skewed picture of how they live their life.

Isn't it weird that social networking sites that are created to make us feel connected, to me makes me feel the exact opposite; it makes me feel more and more disconnected.
But maybe I'm not wise enough to separate myself from envy and jealousy. I am not wise enough not to make comparison, not to make assumption.
Sometimes I think I am not mature enough for social networking sites.

I love this long moment when things, little things, are able to intrigue me a lot. I like this kind of movies and stories the most; the kind that showcases the baggage that each person carries in life and how we are so different, and yet so alike at the same time. It forces us to think, and momentarily takes us out from the self-centered life we are living in. The special moment when we think about other people's lives, and subsequently, the moment when we compare those lives to our own, and get startled at how much we can find the similarities, the ones way deeper than the obvious differences.

The many layers and dimensions, the intricate creature that we are.

The many fa├žades.
The varying depth.
The different perspectives.

Human beings.
As much as we are the men of our own, we are the being that crave others' presence.

I don't understand, don't get upset, I'm not with you / We're swimming around, it's all I do / when I'm with you

Getting to know the life of the man whose music I immensely adore, the man who was apparently socially awkward, the man who loved poetries and paintings, the man who always seemed to be in love, one too many time perhaps; but the sound flowing through his fingers when he was in love is just simply beautiful.

The more I know about him the more enchanting his music becomes. Monsieur Claude-Achille Debussy.

P.S. sorry for the crappy instagram-ish picture......... lost the original one.

This is the least I can do for you, I am sorry for receiving so much and giving so little.