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The ever-present thought.
Sneaking, teasing, lingering.
Subtle, yet persistent.
Always seems to find a way, that little hole in the wall. It's passing through, as light and formless as air, it's gripping every inch of the wall, easing its way through. Always finding its way past.
Once in a while you'll be stupid enough to be over-conscious of that little spot it occupies, and suddenly the subtlety is gone.
You thought, there it goes, it's coming back, but it's always been there, you know.

Untuk Roti,

Anjing manis berbulu hitam, bermata coklat indah.
How is it possible that one had looked into your innocent brown eyes yet still had no heart to drug you to death?
You had very beautiful eyes, Roti. Have a very good life in the dog heaven, please never forget us, akan selalu kangen menyapa kamu di depan Bang Ed, melihat kamu tidur-tiduran di bawah matahari sekitar jam sebelas pagi, mendengar sapaan 'Roti!'
Orang yang takut anjing, gak takut anjing, semua sayang kamu, anjing paling ramah. Kamu mungkin makhluk paling terkenal di tenggara ITB. You will be missed, much.