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wave goodbye at interlagos

that was the end of the somewhat red-bull-dominated 2011 season!
the season is, yeah, fantastic, despite all the boring dominance of red bull and sebastian vettel. but no one can blame them from being superior - the cars were fantastic from the very beginning of the season and the drivers, especially vettel, were almost flawless on saturdays and sundays. they simply just ran away from the very first chequered flag of the season, leaving the rest of the pack struggling behind them. seeing the constant pace of races, by half of the season it was no question that red bull and vettel were gonna clinch both titles, it was just rather of when.
the early wins of this season made the season rather dull, because with the early reveal of the champions, there's no longer those nailbiting moments of racing for the points - that turned the last grand prix the 'season encore' instead of 'season finale'. the feel of watching it was completely different from other finales - take 2010 or 2007 in instance.

so, as the season ends, the battle has moved from the circuits to the factories. the 2012 battle begins as the constructors compete to design the best car and provide best engines, given some changes of regulation. we would like to see more competitive cars that hopefully will lead to a competitive season, instead of an over-dominated season.
see you in march, F1!

it's funny seeing us people, how we actually go through same problems, same cases, only different version, different casts. how we're desperately trying to tell ourselves: you've been here before. not easy, but don't take it too much. you'll handle it, you'll get over it.
how we're desperately repeating it over and over in our mind like a spell, but still, we're foolishly overwhelmed, going head over heels just like the first time.


jangan lupa, tujuan terpenting kita dalam menjalani hidup. selain tujuan-tujuan yang telah kita susun dan kita rancang untuk masa depan kita, ada tujuan lain. tujuan jangka panjang, yang jauh lebih panjang bahkan dari tujuan seumur hidup kita. dimana tujuan-tujuan hidup kita yang lain sudah sepatutnya kita rancang untuk membekali diri agar kita dapat lebih siap meraih tujuan utama tersebut.

tujuannya ada setelah kematian.

mengenai kehidupan setelah kematian sendiri, masih agak bias konsepnya bagi saya. saya percaya bahwa ia ada, namun mungkin konsep yang ada di pikiran saya agak berbeda dari konsep yang selalu didoktrinkan kepada kita sejak kecil.
kehidupan setelah kematian mungkin rahasia yang sangat besar yang saking besarnya, konsep mengenainya juga sangat sulit diterima akal sehat. karena itu, pendekatan kita menuju kehidupan tersebut pada akhirnya terpecah belah. pendekatan menuju garis finish itu pun akhirnya ditempuh dengan jalur yang berbeda-beda, jalan yang berbeda-beda.

namun satu hal yang saya yakini dengan amat sangat, motivasi utama saya untuk menjalani hidup dengan sepantasnya dan dengan sebaik yang saya bisa adalah karena saya percaya akan kehidupan setelah kematian. sebuah motivasi untuk hidup dengan mengendalikan dan bukannya dikendalikan oleh hawa nafsu, menurut saya berasal dari tujuan ini. dan pada akhirnya, bahwa kita memiliki tujuan untuk mencapai kehidupan setelah kematian sebaik mungkin adalah motivasi yang membedakan kita dengan makhluk hidup lainnya, bukan?

dan hampir setiap manusia, dengan jalannya masing-masing, hidup dengan visi yang sama: kehidupan setelah kematian. dengan jalannya masing-masing, dengan pendekatannya masing-masing, kita semua dapat saling membatasi diri dan dapat hidup bersama di dunia.

hidup tidak berhenti dengan kematian. sadar atau tidak, hal inilah yang seharusnya mendasari setiap hal yang kita lakukan di dunia.
sebaiknya sih sadar.

a laid back warm afternoon, reading a book, with friend's chants as the SFX.
a typical moment you would be happy to put on repeat.

monthly to-dos

1. read at least 3 books, either fiction or non-fiction, among them at least 1 english book
2. watch at least a movie (since i'm not a movie-goer hahaha)
3. write something meaningful, either a journal or a review or whatever
4. at least a week of playing any musical instrument (just to make sure i don't forget how to play it haha)
5. do something spontaneous and break the routines

upon dealing with a certain problem, try to figure it out using this approach:

in five years, will it still matter?

i believe we will see many 'no's answering this question. i know it's difficult (and i mean it i really know i'm not just bluffing) but if the answer is a no then just try to put aside the problem and not to give too much concern to it... just a waste of time you see. in five years you will laugh at yourself at how foolish you are, to fuss over such a matter.

the most helpless moment

is that moment when someone very dear to you is slowly, gradually drifting apart from you
and you can do nothing but helplessly stand on your very own feet, staring at his/her back moving away from you, become smaller and smaller and finally he/she is outside your reach
you helplessly stare at his/her back. crossing your finger to hopefully see him/her just turn around to give the last gaze, but even just one more gaze is apparently a far cry from reality.
and you'll stand, alone, and finally you'll continue to walk on your path, knowing that your very dear companion is not anymore by your side.

i wish i could put these on repeat

meet anoy, hilma, nicong, farras, tarno, gerry and prizqy, just some of my awesome college friends

this wasn't a fresh after-event post anyway, as our awesome trip actually took place during the college holiday, mid-July to be precise. yeah, those days when sun was always shining bright - sometimes like burning hot! - and days were spent waking up pretty late, lying lazy on the bed, going out the whole night and racing the dawn on way home.
it was months ago, but memories arose as my friend just uploaded the album on facebook recently.
i would absolutely always recall this more or less a week trip to jogja as one of my greatest holiday ever, regardless of, yeah, some sort of bits following which i don't really want to talk about hehe. but despite all that, that july in jogja was inevitably a great one to reminisce.
i know with all those busy college schedule and stuffs, it's probably hard to find much time to spare to repeat such a trip like this one. but we were making plans, remember? i really look forward to another trip with you guys. don't drop the promise!
thanks guys.

my itunes artist of the night: camera obscura

yeah tonight i hit the repeat button and repeat some particular songs, which i rarely do. and tonight i am completely immersed with the mood and ambience their songs create; well, some personal things play big role but you still get the idea, right. yeah, the long-time-no-hear artist is back around, dude.

well, it supposed to be plural

if you were season you would be in bloom
i wish i had good reason to see you soon
no need to convince me that you were a catch
i bought my ticket and so at last

who was it that said love conquers all?
oh he was a fool cause it doesn't add up
should i believe you told a lie
on the way to my heart and the way back?

are my eyes the coldest blue?
you said once this was true
if it is i don't know what i'll do
cause i'm stuck with them and they're stuck on you

was i quite bad that nothing could never challenged anyone
or was i a lazy lazy snake
do you want me to be a gentle diplomat?
oh, you can beg and you can plead

are my eyes the coldest blue?
you said once this was true
if it is i don't know what i'll do
cause i'm stuck with them and they're stuck on you

cause i'm stuck with them and they're stuck on you
i'm stuck with them and they're stuck on you
i'm stuck with them and they're stuck on you...

you told a lie - camera obscura


i am truly fascinated by how a book/movie/biography/documentary/whatsoever tells something from a way you've probably never imagined before. how it does tell a life of someone who's seemingly so out of your circle-of-life, or captures something from an angle you have never tried before. it gives you something really new, and better yet, make you put yourself in those brand-new shoes. uh-mazing.

various stories have been written, various movies have been filmed, all capturing lives of many kinds of people. it could be about someone who really resembles you - whose styles are pretty much close to yours, whose story seemingly portrays your real one, whose way of thinking is just like it comes out from your brain. and yes, your life story is actually that interesting that people will actually pay to buy a book or watch a movie with the story just like yours!

or else, it could be about someone you'll probably just pass when you bump into him/her. like those nerds who likes to "hang out"in the library, or those college friends who simply just rush their way home after the class ends, or those groups of naughty guys you'll probably try to avoid and, when going pass them, you can't help but think how they have wasted their lives, or the girl who cuts your hair in the salon, or maybe the daughter of the canteen-woman who likes to give you your second helping. they may seem to be someone you'll ignorantly pass on without giving any second thought about them. they're like the "unspecial" ones who's just there around to merry the world. have it ever crossed your mind what kind of lives they actually have?

if you're currently reading a novel and/or a movie, just think that the story could belong to the ones you previously thought as those "unspecials". yes, that girl who always rush home after class ends, she actually has to look after her two little siblings after her father ran away from home and her mother passed away - yeah those dramatic stories that could always make up a great novel/movie. and, see that woman who walks hurriedly in front of you, a phone in one hand while the other carries piles of stuffs? she could be in the middle of a fight-on-the-phone with her boyfriend who accused her for two-timing him with a best friend - yeah that metropop-ish kind of story. keep imagining, and tadaaaam, you're gonna see those dramatic lives around you. so you're not the only one who has a show, eh?

i am so startled when i actually get to realize this - when i see random people on the street i just can't help but imagining what kind of story he/she is struggling through in her life.... what i see is so mind blowing.

and this is the ability of every authors, scriptwriters, and journalists we will always envy: they put all those "unspecials" under the spotlight, makes us awe to things that we will probably never put any attention to in real life.