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Today I had a terrible headache, it was so terrible that I decided to take a pill (I'm normally not someone who's quick to resort to medicines when experiencing pain).
For sometime after I took the pill, the pain doubled and it was terribly painful I had to hold my tears. Then the pain gradually disappear until it was gone completely.
It was just like how it works, everytime. That's how you finish off pain, by taking what seems like a bitter pill. And that's how the pain bows out of your system; it gets worse before it gets better.

It's probably no coincidence that the moon is so big, and so bright, and so immensely beautiful on the birthday of the musician who writes a beautiful music about the moon. It thanks you, and it celebrates your greatness, and so does the world, and so do I.

Bon anniversaire, M'sieur Claude Debussy. Thank you for your whimsical, beautiful, brilliant music, the part  of you that will live on, forever.

Had the nights not been really warm and the moon really bright, perhaps people wouldn't have been so honest to each other.
Maybe, just maybe, that's why so many things happen midyear.

Be it short or long, light or thoughtful,
a great conversation occupies our mind for an indefinite time.

It could make ways for other great things to come,
it could have ended the way it ended: a conversation.

Either way it's something you'll think fondly of,
and will hold very dear in your heart.
And it will stay, for an indefinite time.