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Ladies and gentlemen, as we're approaching the end of the year, may I present you the (self-proclaimed and only regionally-known) word of the year:

Hayceur (adj.)
State of being commonly experienced when approaching deadlines, in which one is overwhelmed with reality so bitter it brings one close to tears.
a.k.a. hayang ceurik pisan sob

Do our best to survive fellow interior students and let's hayceur together yang penting finish ya <3 p="">

Secret fascination, whisper a quiet tune
Hear me calling you
Virginia moon, I'll wait for you tonight

And now our shades become shadow in your light
In the morning when we're through, and tomorrow rescues you
I will say goodnight.

"The ocean is a beautiful, frightening place."

Deep, solitary, fascinating.
Blue and emerald green, going one shade darker the deeper you go, until it's pitch black, and fascination turns to fright.
But that knowledge that there's little element of fright that can overwhelm you anytime, it adds to the fascination, doesn't it?

I love ocean. Deep, solitaire ocean.

Kemarin baca satu artikel (page six type of article, mind you) tentang 80 something billionaire (with a not-so-pleasing look and dwarfish posture), newly engaged with 30 something beautiful lady, dubbed with the article as a girlfriend 'half his age and twice his height'.

I read the article right until the end, being increasingly sarcastic about the article selling their "true love despite their differences" as I got through another sentence, another paragraph. No, sorry I can't look past the piles of money to see this "love" the article kept on harping about.

Then I looked to the comment section of the article, expecting all the comments to be along the lines of my thinking, merely confirming that I'm not the only one not buying this love idea. What I came across, to my surprise, is this comment:

Ok, she is attracted to money, brains, and power. Why is that worse than being attracted to eyes, legs, or poverty? To each her own, I don't see why she is being derided.

Why is being attracted to money considered more morally low than being attracted to good looks, for instance? Because being attracted to good looks is only a natural tendency of human being, while being attracted to money is seen as more "calculated" move? To be honest, both of them, intentionally or not, are just as selfish.

Well, I think whatever quality it is that we seek from a partner, ultimately the reason will always be self-centered.

We're always selfish when it comes to love, we always think of what's best for our own interest. We're not in the position to take a moral high ground and think lowly of people that merely seek a different quality from a partner. They're no more selfish than we are. Our kind of love is no truer than theirs.

I am grossed at myself for being so judgmental to the lady. I still am sarcastic. I can't help myself from feeling so. But maybe I'll just accept that she only has a different concept of love than mine. If that includes dating someone 50+ years older, well, to each their own. All I know is that it doesn't make me better, or make her worse.