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What would you love more than the joy of morning nine o'clock in spring days?
Just when the warmth greets hello to the chill the night has left, waving goodbye to the frozen fingertips and the calls of the seemingly-too-friendly blankets over the crumpled bed sheets.
Just when the sun paints its color to the portrait on your window, just when you cringe your eyes in delight to the growing brights. And never, never more eager to be out and thereabout, dancing your steps below the blue sky.

What would you love more? If any, wishing one a good day might be.

Really miss some good readings; hardly had time in between tasks (but still not getting my tasks done fine and in time, what a poor time management I have!). Anyway it feels like forever since I last had a proper time for some fine reads. I feel really pathetic to find myself ended up wasting time scrolling over those typical sites on the internet - the #1 in my "100 Ways to Waste Time and Regret It Later" list (which never existed lol I'm just making it up)
Graaaah I'm definitely gonna finish my tasks by tomorrow and indulge myself with some good books on Sunday!

How much do the depth miss the height? Through the darkness and the light and the border between both they had to go.

So close yet so far; he looked down and she looked up, longing to be side-by-side.

i really could trade my piano with some strings just to sit there and play just once in my life. such a beauty i always admire.

really, really, really love this mixtape!!

sedikit midnight bluff yuk, berhubung gw asalnya berniat mau tidur tapi ternyata belum ngantuk samsek dan jadi mikir macem2 (cie banyak pikiran).

as much as i hate the cheesy dramas or teenlit novels, i have to admit that they play the big part of shaping our opinion. seberapa sering sih lo baca teenlit yang tokoh hero-nya (kayak the school idol, dll dll gt) adalah cowok lurus dan cowok ppkn? the spotlight falls to those bad-boy types, the ones who keep skipping school and behaving improperly yet miraculously always score high grades. it rarely falls to the guys who actually work hard to earn their prizes. which explains why sometimes we like to pretend we didn't put much effort into our grades even when we actually do; so that when we get good grades it will impress more. i believe it wasn't the intention, but we are made to worship the gifted (or even the failed!) - not the hardworkers. and we are made to think of the ppkn-type as just plain boring (or even annoying). what a contrast to our elementary times, when we think high-and-mighty of the norm of society.

as we grow, we gradually throw apart our ppkn-idealism and, aware or not, we actually detest those who stick to them. di dunia nyata, si anak yang rajin belajar, berbakti pada orangtua dan guru, suka menolong yang membutuhkan dan menegur yang berbuat tercela, ternyata bukan anak supel dan punya banyak teman tapi si anak cari muka ambisius menyebalkan - the contrary of what we learn all this time. how could it be?

mungkin itu juga lebih ke mankind's nature kali ya; when shown one way we always seek another, we always feel challenged to everything that marked 'forbidden'. we seek thrills, our guts like danger. in the end, does not the darkness shine curiosity? i think it's just one of our nature to find imperfection captivating - that having something off the norm makes it look more exciting.

ok i know it's kinda late to post something like this
i grow sick of watching tv, all the news features and the so-called diplomatic interviews and speeches, all spitting out long sentences to create a self-branding - just the egocentrical aims under the name of 'concerning country's needs'.
i don't see much contrast when compared to the lately trending vandalists and anarchists on the streets - burning public facilities, harming other's safeties under the name of 'aspirating civil's needs'.

they are making the same chaos - only one is wrapped by the tidy clean white collars when doing so.

found this while stumbling;

three-word phrases that make relationships better:
- let me help
- i understand you
- i respect you
- i miss you
- maybe you're right
- please forgive me
- i thank you
- count on me
- i'll be there
- go for it
- i love you

i think i am going to add one; please help me.
because somehow it's relieving to seek help, and at the same time it's a privilege to feel needed.
sometimes we'll just have to let loose the tough face, right? and to whom we may let our dependent self be exposed, won't it be our dearest ones?
kadang ada yang lebih menyenangkan daripada terus menawarkan diri sebagai bantuan, sebab semua perlu timbal-balik, bukan?