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Good evening.

Aw, such a nice feeling coming to this blog, like new all over again with people barely coming here. Not that it was a huge traffic here before anyway, but still, now it gives me a more solitary feeling I'm looking for.
In a couple of days, May will be over, which is both a bad and good news (notice how I mention the bad before the good!). Bad is: deadline's coming. Which practically drives me crazy.. the word stressed may be a wee bit too much for now (I'll save that to use later when I'm in my final year!), but trust me I'm so close to it lol. Pulling all nighters, going back and forth to Pasirkoja where I do my bengkel work, messed up with my health and stuffs.
In the midst of this enormous mental chaos, I find it really hard to refrain myself from writing lines of desperation, negativity, and complains. Which is why I haven't come here so often because as soon as I typed it will be about yeah the assignment, and yet another assignment, and yet another.. see right now I'm even talking about it! Which makes up another reason why I changed my blog address. Because I indeed am pathetic now and I don't want too many people to know that!
Good news is that as soon as May is over.... I can say hello to the quiet-day-after-the-storm. And I can be pretty sure that the first day of being able to lying lazy on the couch without anything to worry about will be the sweetest thing I'll have had after a while.

O dear, how I am longing for those days to arise, and so the days of despair shall pass.

/via Skype

F: duh gw udh gamau nugas lg
F: tp gamau bobo jg
A: sama ceu
A: udah kita nyanyi2 aja
A: menjadi kupu yang sehat
A: terbawa angin berkilau
A: sekarang ku pergi untuk bertemu dikau
(buat yg gatau, ini lagu openingnya digimon)
F: hal yang bukan urusanmu
F: lebih baik lupakan saga
F: sialan lo

If, God willing, you're able to find your way here, would you lend me a shoulder to lean?

Semester-end symptom: major meltdown.

May please end fast, ergh sick of these assignments :'(

People really are just amazing

Rachmaninoff's first concerto piece after he recovered from clinical depression caused by negative reception to his first symphony and problems in personal life (thanks Nodame Cantabile for the info haha).

Try to hear it. At first it sounded so painful.. depressed, unstable. And then after a while... it becomes so serene. Like a quite day after a storm. What is it? Like the sound of an acceptance. Not something like giving up, just sheer acceptance.
He explained his life, all things he had been through.

Ah, a quiet day after the big storm....
Sighing in relief, and closing your eyes, slowly and peacefully. For the first time, without having anything to fear.

From our last encounter I was left with words hanging just at the tip of my tongue
I kept the words just where they were.
Never for once had the thought crossed my mind; just so long a separation would be.
Been several years.

Such a long time has passed since then.

“If anything is possible, then it is possible to prove that something is impossible. And if it is possible to prove that something is impossible, then necessarily, something is impossible.”
– Roy Sorensen, Vagueness and Contradiction, 2001

this, and many other ridiculous paradoxes of life......... the world never stops making the fool out of us, eh?
anyway i take it from futility closet, a nice website i have to say, definitely on my bookmark bar ;)

just taken some random quiz at, there you can paste some of your writings (in English) and compare it to many author's writing, and discover which author your writings are similar to!
i tried twice, the first one i copy pasted this post, then I get James Joyce (he wrote Ulysses which many say is a great work, I haven't read it though).
then i copy pasted this post, simply because of all my recent posts that one is perhaps the one i like the most, and guess what I got??

I write like
Jane Austen
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

awwww so happy!! ♥♥♥ can i take it as a compliment? to be fair, though, i did write the post after i read Jane Eyre which has more or less similar style to her works, so i don't write like that pretty often, but i do hope that i can write like her... Jane Austen!

Good morning, friends.
A laid back morning while temporarily forgetting the piling up to-dos is really a gem you don't find everyday. Thanks to the approaching semester-end most of my classes have ended, but I do have handful of tasks in place of the classes.
Only I won't talk about tasks, neither do it for the moment. I'll do it in PM I guess (let's hope so!). Now is the time to take a virtual walk on other people's life - and feeling envious every now and then :)
It's always easy to observe other people's lives and just wow in amazement. It's harder to reflect back on our own - sometimes we'll end up comparing others' amazing life with our ordinary one in regret. Especially as days come and gone and we become older and older, sometimes we look back to our younger days and just regret, 'why didn't I try that back then? why didn't I do that?'
But as we spent another day blaming yesterday for things we aren't capable of today, it's another day gone and wasted.
Is there really anything like 'too late to begin'? Maybe there is, but today is always a day earlier than tomorrow, right?
Speaking of which, well I guess the same applies to me doing my tasks. Uh-huh. I'm eating my humble pie! Off to go :p

mayday, mayday

may's coming! as the curtain of the 4th semester is drawn, the beginning of the porto-era dawns.