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Meeting old friends is funny. You notice how much they have changed, but at the most important thing they really don't change one bit: they still are the people you are deeply fond of, the people you always love to hang out with and spend your time with. Their lives have differed greatly to yours, yet conversation still flows nicely. The commonness never quite disappeared.
In some ways hanging out with old friends is like driving a car or riding a bike; you never forget how to do it.

Sometimes I wonder if I am being too detached in friendship. This is part of the reason why I don't particularly enjoy social media: I feel like I am too detached. I don't do a close friendship on a daily basis. I am admittedly not the type to reach out to friends, or initiate rendezvous. I forget birthdays, and when I do remember I am rarely the one to text at 00:00. I don't post pictures, I don't tag friends. Sometimes I am afraid that my friends, particularly old ones with whom I rarely get in touch with, feel like I don't appreciate them. Well, I do. The times we do get in touch and we do hang out together, I really cherish it.

And to me, once in a while goes a long time. Always.

Evening folks.

One thing I believe is that to be content in living one's life, one should accept that living is about making compromises.
As much as we would like to live every kind of life we want to have simultaneously, we are bound to make choices. At some point we are bound to let go of something, in order to achieve another. As we shift another gear in the ride of our life, some things will naturally be left behind.

Some of the choices are naturally easy, some are more vexing. The latter we like to lament over, because isn't it a very human thing to think, 'what could've been'?
We revisit the things left behind, the things we lost in our lives. Thinking how it could have stayed, how it should have stayed.

It is inevitable, though.

Letting go, saying goodbyes, moving past.
How we cope with these is the important and defining moment in our lives.