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I like things that invoke sadness.
Is it bad that I like to be sad?
But sadness is fascinating, and things that make me sad are fascinating.
I like the depth of sadness; it's very deep.
And I like how it makes me conscious of myself; where the blood flows,
the subtle twitch of fingers and the feeling of lashes brushing against
skin when my eyes close.
And the length of time doubled, sometimes.
I like how spontaneous sadness dwells very deep in your heart, but for
a very short spell of time.
After that some other things will nudge you back into reality.
But that moment of sadness is refreshing, isn't it?
Draining, but refreshing at the same time.
It's funny.

I like to be made sad,

That your smile and laughter is so sincere, so contagious, perhaps
is the reason that you are always happy; I know I am not the only one
who is brightened by your happiness, and I know many people,
just like me, are always wishing for your well-being.

Just so you can continue to be happy.

Happy late-ish new year

First day in the year that I spent without thinking about assignments so it's my own version of new year!
Cheers to another year, cheers to the renewed hope and renewed spirit, cheers to turning the pages and starting anew, and cheers to the beautiful fireworks I missed and I'll look forward to for the rest of the year!!