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Moon river,
wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style, someday
You dream maker, you heartbreaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters,
off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow end
My huckleberry friend,
moon river,
and me.

Superrr nyesel lewatin dua konser ini.... yang pertama yg Cantabile padahal songlist nya super asik banget gara2 lagu yg ada di Nodame Cantabile semua, tapi berhubung belum gaul waktu itu ga tau ada konser ini. Terus yang kedua, padahal tau ada konser itu pas lagi seneng2nya sama Piano Concerto-nya Rachmaninov, tapi lagi bener2 ribet deadline tugas dan ga mungkin ada jadwalnya bergaul nonton konser ke Jakarta (mungkin banget sih sebenernya, tapi ga ada yg nganter & mau nemenin jadi ribet). Aaaaa orkestra apapun bikin konser tribute Nodame Cantabile lagi doooong...

People really need this so they know where to store those excessive joy during those bubbly-phase. Another day, we'll be happy we got some on stock. Must be great having this coming to the rescue in times of deep despair.
But maybe not. Illustrious, momentary happiness are drugs. We can't stand it when it fades away. We'd crave for more. We'd die for more. We'd live and die, thousand times, for more.

Why do we say we know someone once we've seen and met them on daily basis? Do continuous encounters and just occasional conversations enough for one to claim to have known another?

Had the world not made us be too cautious and suspect every strangers of being ill-willed, I'd gladly throw myself to any random strangers I'd feel like talking to. I'd rather just meet someone once and no more, but just talk whatever we feel like talking. A lengthy talk. It doesn't have to be too deep or thoughtful; sometimes you can get flashes of inspiration from a light pointless conversation.
I wouldn't have to know the name, or phone number or whatsoever, we may or may not meet again but I'd walk away feeling I've already known him more than half the people I've met on daily basis in my life.

Embracing limitation, uber cool!

Name a person who has never made bad decisions in his life, it's gonna be someone who has never made a single decision in his life.

Suka sedih deh rasanya kalau mau post lagu di sini, blogger please update your features and let me post mp3 files here!

Anyways, if you're into classics (or not much into it, but it suits your mood every now and then) go check Claude Debussy's Children Corner Suite. The whole 7 songs of Children Corner Suite. Lagi suka banget sama lagu-lagunya. Terutama Arabesque no 1 in E Major... enak bangetttt.. (dan lagi-lagi kalo pengen ngepost lagu akhirnya post video youtube-nya aja)

Debussy created so many beautiful whimsical music, many of them are absolute favorite in my playlist. Simply genius composer <3

Two pair of eyes wandering around; sightseeing while secretly searching. One finds another, two surprised faces now they are. Is it genuine? Or is it expected; silently hoped?
Upon bumping onto each other the two planned their surprised faces. The two planned the shock, the losing-words, awkward moment in between. So fine their practices were, they didn't realize how expected the unexpected was for each other. And so the two walked into their cups of coffee, in their own minds practicing the lines they've prepared for the long-awaited encounter.
They created a chance, and both confident that it was a coincidence for the other.

Temppeliaukio Church, in Helsinki, Finland. Built inside a giant piece of Granite. Excellent acoustic thanks to the granite wall, often used as a music venue.
Super kerennnnnn :O :O

Went to a friend's place in Malang with a bunch of friends. Close friends of mine, they are. Took a short stay (barely longer than the time spent on road!) but it was worth it. Not many fancy places but that's not what I'm after anyway. Maybe I'll put some photos here, maybe not, we'll see (it's been a while since I put pictures here).

We stayed in my friend's place. The place was a cutie, as expected from her lol. One thing I immediately noticed, is how she framed and hung my hasty watercolor work I did for her as a birthday present (well, maybe more a birthday card than a present). It was far from a great one, but she treated it so nicely. I am deeply flattered. Sadly I forgot to take picture of it being framed, but I took one photo of it after I finished it so I'll think about posting it here. Thank you, my dearest friend! There's nothing more moving than a genuine appreciation.

Sometimes I feel like my life has been moving in similar fashion as a big, big carousel. I get this impression that I keep moving, moving up and down, but constantly forward. Then after awhile I arrive to the same scene, seeing same things while this thing I'm riding on never stops moving. The whole time this same lame and tacky music keeps playing, with occasional noises from afar coming and fading away. I seriously hate the false impression of my life on this lame horse I am riding. Hence I dropped my way, baring the sickness of standing stationery after those long periods of circling hopelessly.