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Hujan dan suara-suara yang indah,
melamun, sendirian.
Damai, membahagiakan.

Oh ya, lupa ngasih kabar teman2. Right now I'm living a pretty secluded life, phoneless :> (ada sih pinjem hp flexinya ibu hehe) jadi buat yang ada keperluan, kebetulan saya unreachable via ponsel nih, mungkin bisa lewat twitter aja ya walaupun twitter juga bukanya jarang hehe...


First thing first, Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin.

You may or may not miss me, but hey, been so long after the academic hiatus.
Today it's another huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I think I will look back to what I have done and see couple of things I could've done better here and there, but we're human, we learn as we move forward, right?
I need to stop being so harsh to myself and excuse me this one time. On one condition; I learn.

This semester is perhaps the academically most challenging semester during my college time. Yet.

Really looking forward to writing couple things here again, just coming back to live, I've been like a dead man working days and nights home, no twitter, messages, internet, blog, anything. Crazy stuff. So from now on I'm going to redeem those crazy days, woohoooow :>

Biar dimarahin tiap nyalain laptop sih ini.

Ultimately, those who are able to speak out their mind always get what they want.
Those who sought for their wants, those who do not for a bit hesitate.
They're always ahead, always.

I'm just rolling the red carpet, standing at the sidelines, clapping my hands,
smiling, silently.

n. food that makes one idle and stupid, food of no nutritive value, junk food

By the way guys, still related to my previous post... my deadline is coming in roughly two weeks, and judging the amount of progress I have made (or rather, have not made) I think I need not only hard work but also miracle to get everything done in time. So, wish me luck, it's time for kerja keras bagai kuda :B

Kelakuan modelling yang bikin progres porto super lambat ya gini nih. Malah sibuk dan stuck bikin gimmick2 semacam benang2 lucu ini, instead of bikin hal yang lebih penting kayak lemari2 lainnya yang masih kosong... pintar sekali Fathina Diyanissa ckck.

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience"

Noted Mr. Mark Twain, thanks for your brilliance.

At best, this is something that is understandable, thus can be given an excuse.
At worst, this is.... plain freak?

You can take it to both extreme ends, but one thing to be certain of, this is definitely not normal.

I'm flustered just thinking about it.

Some people take importance of good manners and behaviors because they respect others and understand well to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Some people take importance of good manners and behaviors because they're too selfish to do anything that might do harm on their reputation; thus do everything that will paint a great light on themselves. They do it because they seek judgments and compliments, they do it for their own sake instead of others'.

When they sense a place where their ego is comfortably protected, one of which through animosity provided by the internet, they're showing what they're made of. What behaviors? What manners? What civilized discussion? What respect?
Internet does a very good job in showing true colors of some people - giving the luxury of hiding in animosity, in random usernames and untracked identity, so you won't hold responsibility to any useless spouts you're throwing around. So when you feel like being an asshole, you'll just go to some sites and be one; when you feel angry you log onto something and wholeheartedly share your anger in the least civilized manner possible.... and you still can walk around on the streets, mingle with (real) friends, just usual day in the office. No harm done.
When those social-obligations no longer serves their ego right, they soon abandon them and just go follow their own wants and needs - couldn't care less about the receiving end of their own behaviors.

It's very hard to appreciate and respect those kind of people.