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had an eye for him even since 2007 when raikkonen was still in! and he's f1's biggie now, ha ha i never set my eye on the wrong person B-)
yea i started watching f1 again and quickly became so into it fufufufuf. i go for this guy (sebastian vettel) and his team mate mark webber is also nice. and no, i don't just merely support him because he's winning, note that in mind!

all of a sudden

i miss this certain person. my best friend who always treats me like his own sister. we haven't talked for a while, but i'm sure i will never feel uncomfortable speaking to him. i miss talking to him, even the most meaningless conversation will do. hey, you know who you are, quit being so arrogant, i've got lots to share with you, bro, and i'm sure you also do.

hikmah diundurnya hari raya

diberi kesempatan lagi untuk kembali mencoba memasak ketupat lebaran setelah ketupat yang dimasak tadi siang (29/8) gagal total setelah gosong karena yang masak lupa kalo lagi masak ketupat terus dengan enaknya tidur dan gogoleran terus lupa harus matiin kompor sampai ketupatnya gosong dan bikin panik ibu yang baru pulang sore-sore, maaf ibu mari kita coba masak lagi besok ya, kalo besok ketupatnya masih gagal lagi mungkin ada baiknya hari raya diundur lagi sampai hari kamis, yang penting merayakan hari raya dengan ketupat.

live report

/sunday, august 28, 9.59 pm

/living room
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/itunes playing: she & him
/tv on: manchester united vs. arsenal

something's missing, isn't it?

i don't want to sound clingy.
so please, don't turn me into one.
i'm holding back.

selamat mudik cemans-cemans!

we're having the eid mubarak in two days. my friends are already going back (or about to go) to their hometown. yet i still stay here, in bandung.
well, bandung is my hometown. i actually spent my 18 years here, so how can i not call this town a hometown? moreover, most of my relatives are also here, so every year we celebrate the eid mubarak together, in this lovely city.
but somehow, sometimes i still envy my friends who are doing the 'mudik' tradition. it just sounds fun, spending couple of days in that other place called 'hometown'. at least, getting a different atmosphere, and of course having that blissful feeling of traveling! it's exciting you know, a trip, with many hours spent on the road. and more specially, you can have a quality time with your family while getting trapped in the traffic. it's priceless, friends.
so for you all who is lucky enough to have hours of road trip and join the traffic this year, just be grateful ;)

sometimes, i wish i could be bolder.

but how can you expect me to be so, when 4 out of 5 cases i told out my true view towards something i'll end up regretting it?
you see, that is what i am accustomed to: concealing my thoughts and feelings. yes, i am too afraid to take the risk of being honest; that we can't take back what's been said. how coward i am.

kejanggalan yang paling wajar

kamu mungkin tidak tahu aku sadar

dan aku mungkin tidak tahu kamu sadar
(mungkin juga tidak ingin, dan berharap semoga jangan sampai)

kapan aku akan membiarkan kamu sadar
dan kamu membiarkan aku sadar?

Because because
I'm sick of all the bones you throw
Because because
There's nothing from the seeds you sow

Because - The Bird and The Bee

(i'm all cool, it's just the expecting-and-guessing part that makes me sick.)

take a look at this it's too cute <3

how does it feel like, comforted, sitting in your unknowingness?

feeling safe keeping your eyes closed, whilst blocking your hearing from the surrounding sounds,
denying anything that might harm you,
afraid of anything that might hurt you,
it's good, isn't it? you're dumb but you're fine, pretty much fine.

but someday you'll gonna have to see the brights
and once you open your eyes you'll be blinded by the light

you, who's been curling up, safe and warm in your own world,
blinded, deaf.

are you prepared?

"adanya yang tiada adalah karena yang ada"

kata dosen saya sih ini konsep ruang, kalo kata saya sih ini quote galau masa kini

what's up tomorrow?

i'll have to take a bath before 10.
fffffffffuuuuuuuuuu this is the hardest, dear, the hardest.


i'll go round the world and i'll definitely pay a visit here


been a while

today, a Friday, August 5th 2011

since the first day of this month we've been welcoming the holy month ramadan kareem. which means this is our fifth day of fasting.
spent the first days of ramadan mostly home, sticking with my phone, reading some books, haven't even touched internet except for academic purpose. what a surprise, eh? feels like i've been out of my usual self, who is usually very outgoing (even too outgoing at times, haha). what happened?
idk, i just feel this unexplainable obligation that first days of ramadan should be spent home, with family. even now, when the 'family' shrink into just me, my brother, and my mother. and with my brother mostly out, it became just me and my mother. that made me feel even more obliged to be home, as i automatically become my mother's only companion home.

however, i feel comfortable being home. i mean, i feel okay to skip days out with friends and stuffs. next monday i'll be back to college business, and it'll be less likely for me to be able to be home all day, just like i am now. so i'm enjoying this time being, even without anything particular to do home (well, could've been more productive actually, hehe).

well, hope the rest of this month will be just fine. hehe, have a nice ramadan everyone :)