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perhaps this is the main attraction of festivals, city-events, and even the car-free-days; taking a walk capturing faces and sceneries, for a day just hop out of our vehicles and take a closer look at things: adore the asphalt ground and the overcast sky, examine those random faces, overhear some conversations.
laze off a bit on the streetside, then quit the talk. sit back, and just watch things go by. not with the ignorance of our daily lives, but with the deepest of our curiosity. isn't it a good feeling?
this is perhaps a place to see and (for some) to be seen.

sunday, the low-satured day.
perhaps, the leaves are already missing their falling friends,
and long for the spring to come.

keep staring, keep staring with those idling eyes.

what did I do wrong, my dear, what did I do wrong?

There are countless betters, but we can hardly find the best. Because when it comes to comparation, there are no limits to what could be better. Just remember that when there's a huge white paper with a little black spot right on the middle, we tend to look at the black then get disappointed (and completely forget how huge the white is).

ini namanya Arecibo Message, pesan pertama yang dikirim manusia ke galaksi lain (galaksi M13), yang diperkirakan bakal sampai 25,000 tahun cahaya setelah pengirimannya tahun 1974. isi pesan ini adalah 1679 digit angka biner, terbagi jadi 23 kolom dan 73 baris. isinya kurang lebih terbagi jadi tujuh bagian, yaitu (kalo males gausah dibaca 1-7nya):

1. angka 1 sampai 10
2. nomor atom elemen hidrogen, karbon, nitrogen, oksigen, dan fosfor (unsur-unsur penyusun DNA)
3. rumus rangkaian gula dan basa di nukleotida DNA
4. jumlah nukleotida DNA dan gambar struktur double-helix DNA
5. gambar figur manusia, dimensi manusia rata-rata, dan jumlah populasi manusia
6. gambar tata surya
7. gambar teleskop radio Arecibo dan dimensi antena transmisi nya

yah intinya sih kalo yang 2-7 menjelaskan kita manusia terbuat dari apa, bentukan kita kaya gimana, kita asalnya darimana dan gimana caranya kita bisa ngirim pesan ini kalo sepengertian gw sih. yang nomer 1 nya kenapa angka 1 sampai 10? haha gw gatau, mungkin cheksound dulu kali ya ("cek cek satu dua satu dua... sampe sepuluh")

katanya sih (kata Om Wikipedia hahahaha males cari sumber lain cenah) si pesan ini dikirim tujuannya bukan buat berusaha bikin kontak dengan makhluk luar angkasa karena kemungkinan si pesan ini nyampe pun kecil banget dan kalopun berhasil juga masih lama banget, tapi gatau kenapa tetep merinding deh liat Arecibo message ini. Earth calling extraterrestrials, earth calling extraterrestrials!

watched tv this evening for some news, then again heard more of fatal traffic accidents. it was again the bus-falling-to-a-cliff accident. twentysomething passengers died, among them are children.
it's really devastating how traffic accidents have actually become a pretty common news in our daily news programs. be it a midnight hit-and-run, or the fatal big-carriage-crash, everyday they are adding up numbers into the death-caused-by-traffic-accidents statistic.
the numbers are prodigious, yet we still jump on our wheels each day without alert. supposedly ignore the numbers and the statistics, failing to see how we are exposed to numerous fatal risks of crashing everytime we're behind the steers. one milisecond of phoning or texting may lead to days getting hospitalized. if we've been safe all these time it doesn't mean we're immune to the risks - we've just been lucky and there's no guarantee we will always be.
these ignorant people, i am not excluded. i have this tendency of looking at the deaths with a distant grief -  failing to familiarize myself to such deadly threats. i'll just tell myself that death just sounds unlikely, that it may happen to anyone but me. true, such an arrogant i am. and, perhaps, you are.
i know once in a while it's a nice feeling to have a thrill. but first and foremost is of course knowing when to do the braking and when to stop the texting. slowing it down won't kill, right?

well, day by day we're growing slightly older and older, but there's only a day in a year when the number is even - no more, no less, i was 19 yesterday.
am i happy? very. my joy yesterday was only second to none. i am never a celebration-whore, but it's always a very nice ego-boost to have a day of feeling loved and important. your day, people proudly say, along with the many wishes, ended by couple of cute emoticons.
of course, birthday brings along many thoughts and triggers another session of long contemplation. reviewing the past, designing the future. i am more than eager to share some here, but perhaps later. today i'll just be light and simple, i guess :p
well, to all people who had kindly made my day, i can't think of any fancy lines to say, i hope thank you is enough to express my endless gratitude. thank you dear friend and relatives, i hope my happiness is contagious to you all :)

aku lelah menebak kelak, malah inginnya tidak terlibat. kalau bisa aku ingin lepas dari 'aku' lalu menyaksikan 'aku' dan kamu duduk canggung berhadapan di ruang empat kali enam hari sabtu siang, masing-masing membuang tatap. lalu 'aku' akan mengatakannya, dalam satu tarikan napas, empat puluh enam kata tiga kalimat yang telah kuhapal dari secarik kertas contekan lalu kulatih berulang-ulang. dengan yakin, terkendali, tak satu suku kata pun nada suaraku meninggi.

lalu aku mau pergi, biar 'aku' saja yang tahu setelah itu kamu bicara apa. biar aku lelah menebak kelak, daripada tahu lalu terpukul telak.

percakapan dari suatu hari yang dulu sekali
f: ger, gigi maneh kok berspasi sih
g: iya emang euy
b: hah giginya gerry kenapa?
f: berspasi
b: hah? persuasif?
f+g: .......
g: iya gus, persuasif
g: ceu, ikut aing yuk sini (sambil nyengir liatin gigi)
f: (terhipnotis) (nurut)

sejak saat itu tiap gerry butuh bantuan apa2 dia pun tinggal minta tolong sambil nyengir liatin gigi, karena giginya persuasif pasti dia akan selalu mendapatkan apa yang dia butuhkan.

do you really believe that the world really looks like what you see?

are we not tricked by our senses? are we really seeing thing the way it is, or are we perceived to believe that we are seeing? it's always a very confusing contradiction for me, and leads to the never-ending argument of what comes first; empiricism, or rationalism?
it is inarguable that our lives are extremely dependent on this vital feature of our human system: the brain. it controls, it holds the power. truth is, what's a thing we can do with it not knowing?
however, it's just a series of cells, trapped firmly and safely inside our skull. it could not see, it could not hear, therefore it relies to its underlings; the senses. the senses tell it what they see, what they hear, what they taste and what they feel. 
so, the brain will be shut without them giving the information it needed; therefore with lack of senses it can easily be tricked.
'cogito ego sum, i think therefore i am' said the rationalists. 'but how do you know?' is always the counterpart of the empirists.
that's right, the mojo question of the empirists against the proud logic-worshipper; how do you know. that again reminds people how dependent they brains are to the information gained by the sense.
but then, what can the senses do alone? for without brain they will not work; for we never know what we really see, we just know what our brain thinks we see, right?

questioning which is more important is as useless as trying to figure out which comes first; the egg or the chicken. the never-ending paradoxes.

"Body am I, and soul"- so says the child. And why should one not speak like children? But the awakened one, the knowing one, says: "Body am I entirely, and nothing more; and soul is only the name of something in the body." The body is a great wisdom, a plurality with one sense, a war and a peace, a flock and a shepherd. An instrument of your body is also your small wisdom, my brother, which you call "mind"- a little instrument and toy of your great wisdom. 
- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche , Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Book 1 chapter 4

sangat, sangat suka langit malam. hitam tapi terang. luas tanpa batas. sendiri dan sepi tanpa harus sendirian dan kesepian.

maybe the greatest wisdom is inside the person who is less likely to behold it, who stays silent and unexposed. yes, true that a wise would not keep the wisdom to himself, but wouldn't it be better to be silent than speaking with wrong deed? for when one speaks wisdom, would it be for other's knowledge or for him to be acknowledged?
always, the hardest of all, to constantly check and re-check the righteousness of our deeds, to not be confused with pride and egocentric needs.

Q: You clocked the best time on day one at Jerez. Was it because of a magic car or a magic Kimi?
Kimi Raikkonen: 
Ha, I don’t really know. On the first day the car was good, but I have to say that on the second day it was even better. If it only set the fifth-best time then it was down to the fact that we tried different things. But, for sure, coming back to the real Formula One world and immediately doing the best time on the first day of testing was not bad. It was a nice warm feeling for the ego. But, of course, to really classify what the time was worth you would need to know what programme everybody else was running on. And don’t we all know that the times only really matter when we are in a real race? So, yes, it was nice, but don’t overestimate things! (laughs)

it was a nice warm feeling for the ego
entah kenapa kalimat ini membekas banget. membekasnya kenapa dan memancing pikiran apa, susah dijelasinnya. yang jelas, gw berhenti sejenak setelah kalimat itu. tertukas tandas, rasa puas yang menggelitik itu, yang membuat kita memendam senyum mati-matian di balik kata-kata kerendahhatian dan sikap sok tidak peduli yang dipaksakan: rasa puas atas ego yang termanjakan.

to die without having ever lived, wouldn't it be the worst?
and so we shall carry on the endeavors to satisfy the never-ending vexation of life; who we really are, what we are meant to be. to such questions we may never know the answers, but one thing we will agree, that all but virtue is what we ought to be. but in which way we shall pursue, will it ever be any agreement?

kalo baca/nonton suatu buku/film yang bersetting jaman dulu (1800an atau 1900an awal gitu) rasanya suka sirik ya sama orang jaman dulu. atau tepatnya mungkin miris sama jaman sekarang. dekadensi moral tuh ternyata emang bukan cuma omongan doang, tapi emang bener nyata bgt. i like how the people of those times are very well composed. in the manner of speaking, behaving, it just shows the gallantry of the era. berkelas. lain banget sama jaman sekarang dimana kesopanan = a very rare mannerism yang cuma dipakai saat2 tertentu aja. dalam berpakaian, berbahasa, berperilaku. makin urakan rasanya makin keren. what's wrong with our preferences? where has our modesty possibly gone?

(yang males baca hal2 yang agak sektoral buat f1 fans, boleh skip post ini (lah emg post yang lain gaboleh apa))

time for nerdy f1 post!!!!!
hahahahahaha, beberapa hari belakangan ini excitement-nya lagi tinggi lagi menjelang first testing di Jerez. so finally the cars were unveiled! ini dia nih hasil perang konsep, desain, dan aerodinamis mobil! rawrrrr.
gw ga terlalu ngerti soal aerodinamis2an sih, jadi gw ga ngerti mana yang bagus mana yang engga. but i tried to get the simplest explanation to the approaches, haha. gw grab beberapa foto perbandingan mobil frontrunning teams (ferrari, mclaren, rbr) dari, thanks for the very helpful image comparison! ayo coba coba kita bahas, ahahahaha

perubahan yang cukup signifikan yang jelas terlihat di (hampir) semua racecar 2012 ini adalah... front nose nya. kalo taun sebelumnya semuanya pake smooth nose (F150, MP4-26, RB7, dll) karena emang lebih indah diliat (haha tetep bahas keliatannya aja gara2 ga ngerti perhitungan2nya), sekarang MP4-27 jadi minoritas yang tetep mempertahankan si smooth nose ini, sisanya pake stepped nose, ada semacam jeglokannya gitu dari chassis ke front nose. ini tuh gara2 aturan baru buat 2012 ini yang mengharuskan tinggi front nose yang lebih rendah dengan alasan keamanan. nah kebanyakan tim ngerespon aturan ini dengan stepped nose supaya mempertahankan tinggi chassis biar jumlah air flow yang masuk ke bawah kendaraan ga berkurang. resikonya.... stepped nose jelek!!!!!! jauh lebih suka tampilan racecar yang taun kemaren .___.

udah sih sebenernya sisanya..... keliatan sama2 aja dari sisi pengamat amatir hahahahahaha (sedih). paling keliatan beda2 dikit tuh sidepod sama rear end nya. rear end yang lumayan signifikan perbedaannya sih ya paling yg RB8, gara2 aturan yang nge-ban blown diffuser. RB7 kan kemaren desainnya bener2 support blown diffuser, nah gara2 sekarang ga boleh, jadi dirombak deh exhaustnya.

yap intinya adalah..... it will be interesting to see how the testing will turn out! soalnya secara visual, MP4-27 ga keliatan terlalu beda dengan predecessornya, paling cuma perubahan2 substansial aja, meanwhile F2012 bener2 beda dgn F150! sementara RBR ga terlalu banyak rombak chassis, cuma karena blown diffuser andalan mereka sekarang udah di-ban, menarik juga nebak performance RB8 kira2 bakal sespektakuler taun lalu apa engga. so then, we'll see how they'll do on the track.

sooo looking forward to an exciting season!

seperti kopi pekat yang tak pernah luput dari rutinitas pagiku, kamu. kopi pahit, tok. bersendok-sendok hitam tambah cukup sejumput gula, basa-basi. seteguk pertama, aku langsung meringis. tapi tak pernah untuk satu hari pun satu cangkir itu tak habis.
sebab ia seperti kamu, pahitnya pekat tapi manisnya yang lekat.

help, a donkey eats my head! aw, lame!


lucu bgt sih ga ada kerjaan terus buka-buka archive bulan februari di blog ini dari tahun ke tahun (2009-2012 in progress)
rasanya.... amused sama diri sendiri. ahahahaha. people really do change!
kalo penasaran terus akhirnya buka-buka archive.... ya boleh deh. tp kalo ketemu, jgn ngejekin yah. :'p

pride and prejudice

classic literature, yet the phrase fits in the life of urban era so much. pride and prejudice, all we do now.

by this post there's a high chance i have done prejudice, too, to the urban culture. which makes me undoubtedly a part of the urban people. if the statement that urban people do prejudice is a fact, not a fully opinionated statement i built based on prejudice.

membingungkan? paradoks memang.

all this time, never a talk, doesn't mean never a thought. i just know better not to say things aloud. it's just a manner, although it scatters.

aye, february! ♥

"When people thought the earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together."

Isaac Asimov, as quoted from "The Relativity of Wrong"